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08 September 2012 @ 10:00 pm
Saturday night! We know what that means.

Neffy, Doctor? Really?

Quite the Companion collection he's amassing for this episode.

Since when can the Doctor aim the TARDIS well enough to do THAT? Sarah Jane wants to know!

These look much better than the Invasion of the Dinosaurs dinosaurs!

"Dinosaurs are flying a spaceship?" "That would be ridiculous."

The Doctor's Christmas list would be a scary thing, I suspect.

Hee, Amy fangirling Nerfertiti.

Okay. Now we have... Nanny Bots?

"Whenever you enter somewhere new, press buttons" Sounds about right for the Doctor.

The Nanny Bots are an old married couple.

Ooh, Rory is mad. Rory collects outworld nursing supplies. That's awesome. Martha approves.

THE DOCTOR IS RIDING A TRICERATOPS! You know what? Nothing else matters. This is awesome.

"Please don't tell Rory I said he was his queen."

Well. I suppose it was Rory's turn to get kissed.

TRICEY! You bastard! (You are also in SO MUCH TROUBLE)

Can't do a dinosaur episode without a raptor swarm.

Did he just say they dumped the racists on the moon?

"Rory! We're flying a spaceship!" There's the joy! That's my show!

Go Nerfertiti! I'm glad you saved yourself!
The Technicolour Woklingyubsie on September 9th, 2012 04:00 am (UTC)
Well, yes. The bad dinosaurs even had a certain charm.

Martha and Rory meeting in such a way would be beautiful.